Boycotting Christmas 2013

This is the first year in the history of my life that I will not partake in Christmas.

No Christmas tree will be put up at my house. No lights strung. No presents wrapped. No fanfare. And Santa will not miraculously appear and save the day either. He doesn’t have any money stashed in a drawer and the credit card is allotted only to survival items and Christmas does not fall into that category.

To make it a little more bearable, I will be giving both my boys a hug and a kiss on Christmas Eve morning and they will be spending the holiday with their dad. Where they will get presents, hang out by a lit up tree and probably eat to their stomachs content. So I am not robbing them of the holiday experience, which makes me feel a little better about my decision to BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS 2013.

Why Boycott Christmas? Well, to be honest, even without spending a penny I could easily decorate my house and string up lights – I have boxes full of decor. I can easily play Christmas music from the CDs I have stashed away from Christmases past. I can bake up a storm from the rations in the pantry and tidy them all up on nice crystal plates I have leftover from my wedding and tie them up in bows. I live in Oregon and we do not have a shortage of pine trees, I could easily obtain a free tree if I put out a call on Facebook that I needed one or I could hop in my hubby’s truck at night and just go rogue and cut one down in the foothills. Except the point I am trying to maintain this holiday is that I don’t. I don’t need a tree. I don’t need to buy presents. I don’t need to provide my family and friends with even more sugar than they are already ingesting. (Insert some witty remark here about the guise of gluttony as a celebration of Jesus, or the rise of type 2 diabetes.)

And don’t even get me started with Elf on a Shelf. Which has rapidly digressed from a cute idea, into a way that middle class mom’s and dad’s can amuse themselves and post pictures on the internet about how damn clever they can be about Elves bodily functions and sexual deviance.


(You are kidding me with this, right?)

I know, I know. Bah Humbug. “Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”… blah blah blah. It is all so cliche and frankly I am burned out.

The hardest part about Boycotting Christmas 2013 is maintaining my mantra, “No Guilt.”

No guilt for not partaking. No guilt when I get a Christmas card in the mail knowing that I am not mailing one out in return. No guilt in passing up all the “Amazing Deals” bundled up to give people more shit they don’t want, don’t need and more importantly will never use. I already received one of those and graciously said “thank you” all the while cementing my resolve about the waste of $$ spent on this holiday.

On the upside, I am free of the guilt of bad present gifting. I can’t even tell you the PTSD I have over previous years gift exchanges, especially to my in-laws during my first marriage. Some times I felt like I did a good job, but most of the time I got the sweats and the shits agonizing over what to give and lamenting my choices for months (years) afterwards. This year I am free of that — no gifts at all = no guilt over bad choices.

I definitely have some good stories to tell about Christmas, but I have some atrocious stories to tell too. I am sure so do you.


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  1. papertangler says:

    Everything is amplified at Christmastime. Hang on for the duration. Glad to hear of Ron’s job closer to home. Soon you’ll have one to match. That will help. You have a lot of blessings….count them.

    1. stacynalley says:

      I am grateful for so much and I do count my blessings. I think I have to get through this Christmas with my “no guilt” plan of attack, maybe just one holiday out of 40 that I didn’t participate in to make me realize how much I do really love the craziness of it all. I don’t know.

      Or maybe use this time to focus on what I need Christmas to mean for me, and for my family, and focus on how to make that happen next year with all the fanfare — again without the guilt and anxiety that the holiday usually brings me though.

  2. Kimberli says:

    I understand! If it weren’t for Cameron who came home for XMAS I would be boycotting too! My other children are AHoles and wish me dead. I’m not even allowed to know an address. To hell with them and I’m done

    1. stacynalley says:

      Kimmie, first let me say I am so proud of your Cameron and so happy he is coming home to celebrate the holidays with you! Semper Fi! He is quite a remarkable young man. I am sorry to hear about your other children. Just like papertangler said in the first comment, “Everything is amplified at Christmastime.” It is that amplification that I have such a hard time dealing with. Too much stress just overloading my circuits and for the first time ever I am pulling the plug and saying “enough.”

  3. Shannon says:

    Love this! So inspiring, I believe that most people buy what they do for others out of guilt or a sense of responsibility.

    1. stacynalley says:

      Shannon, so sorry that I never replied to you, but yes about guilt. Why are we so guilty about things in our lives? Why does guilt drive us to do the things we do? It is a very interesting topic!

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