New Kind of Challenges


So in this day of social media madness, I have bits and pieces strewn all over the web. From this day, and that year, from this last name and that last name. In all, I have been Brown, Martinis and now Nalley. I have profiles on sites to reflect all three. Then there are the multiple email addresses. Agh.

Today I challenged myself to log in where I could to start unifying names. I plan on being Nalley for a long time — I just got married in July. While it places me in a totally different search category (when I was Martinis there was only one and now I am one of 29+) I have to do my best to start creating a brand, and that brand is myself. I never thought of myself as a brand before, and I am a marketer! I was so busy marketing events, products and services I never thought of myself as a brand. Today I did. And today I will do my best to clean up my web presence to be a cohesive and unifying one. Crossing my fingers I can just remember all my passwords!


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