And just like that, Christmas is over.

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I was boycotting Christmas this year. Well I did, but Christmas still came to my house. My sweet husband refused to let the holiday go by without a tree, and so there it is, in all its glory. One string of working lights was found in the garage, one ornament was found lying around the house and a Bud Light beer can got strategically placed in between some branches on the same level as the ornament.

I did not participate in the selection, buying, hauling or putting up of the tree, but I appreciated the fact that Ron got it and put some lights on it, because there is no other glow than the glow of little lights on a tree at night. The lights, that glow — this is the reason I usually keep the fire hazards in my house until they are completely dried out and ready for kindling at the end of January. I do remember one year when I tossed the tree off the balcony in my Dana Point condo close to Valentine’s Day. This will stay up through New Year’s and then make its way to the burn pile in the backyard.

I cooked on Christmas Eve for Ron’s brothers’ family. Ron’s brother has 6 kids and one of them didn’t come this year, so it was his family of 7 mixed in with our abbreviated family of four. (My two boys were with their dad.) We had a great dinner and enjoyed some merriment, only one broken item and stray marker lines on the dining table from trying to occupy the little ones with some type of activity. Not too bad! I think everyone had a good time and I got a present from my 9-year-old niece who outfitted everyone with those rubber-band loomed bracelets that are so popular this year.

On Christmas we hosted my dad, step-mom and younger brother, as well as my brother, sister-in-law and two nephews. Another ham, mashed potatoes, a lot of veggies and baked goodies were passed around. I will be on a sugar high for a good week or two. My dad is filling his retired days with baking and candy making this season, and I have a entire brown paper grocery bag filled with sweets. Yay me!

Even though I dragged my feet and didn’t participate in the decorating, buying, wrapping and baking furor this season, I got to partake in the best part of Christmas — just being with family. It was good and I definitely had a sense of peace knowing that it came and went and I didn’t fall short on any preconceived plans or grand notions of what this one day was going to be.

Let me just mention the one bonus of hosting family for holiday dinners: I have two ham bones in the freezer for soup at a later date, a bunch of frozen ham and turkey for meals in January and I boiled down my turkey carcass to make a half-gallon or so of soup stock that is in the freezer for soup later on! So maybe I will be inviting them over again for re-runs in 2014.

Hope you had a good holiday and found peace in the midst of the crazy bustle of the season, I know I did.


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  1. papertangler says:

    Oh my goodness Stacy….that is so touching i want to cry. Your journalistic writing skills are working. (This is Vicki Poole in case you didnt know) You are so incredibly blessed. My Christmas was even more low key than yours. No Hubby to put up a tree. No family around to visit. But I got calls from my children early on Christmas morning and heard from all my family throughout the day. And I spent the day with friends. Christmas really is a good time of year, especially if you dont yield to all the pressure. Just enjoy the true meaning and love of family andfriends.

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