The Plan

So here it is.

  1. Start paring down the “stuff” that is weighing me down. That means going through boxes that haven’t been open in years, analyzing everything in the garage, storage unit, closets, etc. and getting rid of all the excess shit. And there is a lot of excess shit. If you are reading this I guarantee you have a lot of excess shit too.
  2. Start prioritizing ME. My whole life ME has gotten lost. Always something more important. Work, husband, kids, opportunities I volunteered for, opportunities I was volunteered for, etc. etc. I focused on myself for a couple of months, a couple of months ago. Damn, it felt good. I made real progress on ME. I lost 30 pounds, started to look better, felt healthier and was generally happier. Then I focused on things I couldn’t control at work. I hyper-focused, got anxious, forgot about ME and got sick. I have to keep ME in the forefront and remember without ME, I can’t do all that other stuff for everyone else. It is OK to prioritize myself. I always thought people that did that were selfish assholes. Well, some of them were. But others were just clued in on how to prioritize effectively. A healthy, focused person can accomplish great things with a lot of bravado. That is what I like to do, so I have to get back at it.
  3. Start evaluating my worth. I am very good at a lot of stuff. I always have been. People wonder how I know everything I know. All I know is that I have always done. And then you know. Do stuff. Know stuff. The problem is I hop from thing to thing and master very little. Thus, Jack of all trades, master of none. I want to master something, but I struggle to figure out what I want to master. Anyway, getting back to evaluating my worth — I need to figure this out because I need to sell it. Selling it will get me to where I want to be. Which is why I have The Plan. 
  4. Write down my bucket list. Currently I have a bucket list but is in my head. I can tell you the list is long and new things are added every day. I guarantee that if I had written down my list the past 10 years I could unravel it like a new roll of Charmin being spun by a curious toddler. But when you don’t write it down, you eventually forget things. I don’t want to forget, so I need to write it down. Right now I looked behind me realizing I had no fewer than five notebooks that could be used for exactly that purpose. So now I am leaning back and grabbing one. Got it. Now I am searching for a colorful pen on my very messy desk. I see a couple of Bics and pencils. They won’t do. This is the Bucket List. And I live with flair. So excuse me while I grab a writing implement worthy of the cover page. Page One: Shit I have to See or Do before I kick the Bucket. In silver no less.
  5. Make a will (aka get my shit in order.) This is important for a lot of reasons, but I really need to make things easier for the people I love in case something happens to me. It isn’t fair to be an adult and not have things ready for this circumstance. This also circles back to #1. Getting rid of excess stuff means the people you love won’t have to do it when you aren’t around.
  6. Start looking for remote work opportunities. Remote opportunities will allow me the freedom to travel and start marking off things on #4 quicker. I can effectively apply for remote opportunities once I have accomplished #3, you see why The Plan is important and the steps are steps for a reason.
  7. Be diligent about reducing my debt. Less debt equals less burden. Less burden makes it easier to:
  8. Pack my bags and go! And that is what The Plan is for — the freedom to explore this amazing earth, and the people and things that live here.




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