Can I Cross This Off If I Never Wrote it Down?

What happened today was not a thought on my “shit I need to do before I kick the bucket list.” Nor has it ever been either a thought, or on my list. But today I got to look at being a small cog in a big wheel, and how sometimes when all things go serendipitiously something really cool can happen.

I work very hard to bring the Capitol History Gateway to life by coordinating the large-scale public events at work. (Not that I don’t work hard bringing the smaller events to life, but the big ones require a lot more work.) Although I work in tandem with amazing people on all levels at the legislature, I rarely get to peek “behind the veil” of all things legislative because, well, I am too damned busy working my ass off to take the time out to participate in democracy in Oregon, which by the way is very accessible and incredibly easy to do when you know how to do that. (I think this is another blog post!)

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you, but tomorrow is my biggest event to date — Exploring Oregon’s Heritage: Cherry Blossom Day at the Capitol. And tomorrow it is officially Cherry Blossom Day according to a bill signed today by Governor Kate Brown.

Cherry Blossom Day Bill Signing with Governor Kate Brown

I got to be a part of the process — from idea to bill. Today I got to stand on the other side of the camera and have my picture taken behind the desk. I also got a pen. A pen used to sign the bill. Granted, she signed five copies and used five pens, but she signed her whole name with my pen!

Le Pen!

I feel like I should write it on my “shit to do….” list and cross it off. Is that cheating?

If you have read all the way to end of this post I am going to throw in a pitch for you to come to Cherry Blossom Day, after all, that is my job.


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