Sweet Spot in my Heart for Chicago!

I love candy. I always have. I remember as a kid saving up fifty cents just to walk down to the nearest quick mart to buy a handful of colored sugary goodies like Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Pops. I really didn’t have a sophisticated palette, any sugar would do. Here I am three and half decades later and I am still a sugar junkie. So imagine my surprise when I traveled to Chicago and found out that they are seriously into their sugar too!

Let’s start with the (now defunct as of January 2017) Magnificent Mile’s Hershey’s store. This is a milk chocolate lover’s paradise, complete with bakery bar goodies loaded with chocolate goodness. Right across the street from, gulp, Ghirardelli.


I snapped a couple of photos from the Hershey’s shop and had to share. Please note the s’mores in the case. Seriously, that was hard one to walk away from. The s’more kit (to-go version I guess) and of course the display made for those that love peanut butter with their chocolate (you know what I am talking about!) Of course the pièce de résistance for any Hershey’s lover will be that 5-pound Chicago chocolate bar.

Not that I wasn’t seriously tempted by all the chocolate that surrounded me, but I didn’t buy anything to go. I had a regular size Hershey’s dark and called it good. It was July and hot and muggy, and I was sure that I would have a melted gooey mess on my hands by the time I returned to my hotel.

Not that I was out to find sugar on this particular day, sugar definitely found me. So I am going to share a candy shop that every candy lover has to stop at — Candyality. This place was part candy shop, part candy art museum and part candy wrapper fashion store. I was so impressed I happily snapped photos to share. Here is what Ronald Reagan could probably have made as a First Lady dress for Nancy with his Jelly Belly addiction:

And speaking of Jelly Belly addiction, here is great way to discard those flavors that you really don’t like…


With my family’s love of Starburst’s I could use this as guideline for a new summertime outfit, but I am thinking they are appealing to Texans with that hat and half-boot accessories:



And then there are the dresses made with my-not-so-favorite flavor choices of Skittles and Lifesavers Gummies wrappers, and lastly using the outside wrapper and inner wrappers from Juicy Fruit gum to make a dress frilly enough for a quinceañera:

And how about Pez? Remember those cheap plastic dispensers and usually stale sugar rectangles they dispensed. Here is a display that pays homage to those things:

Then I spied something that would resonate with every single one of my Facebook friends, so I had to take a picture of it to share with them:


Even if you are a vegetarian, you secretly love bacon.

I was going a little manic in Candyality to tell you the truth. Hopping from one display to another and weighing my choices. I picked up a bag and happily added little bits of sugary memories from my childhood along with some adult faves. But I was reminded to keep my wits about me with this perfectly placed sign:


And I think I will adhere to it!



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