Putting This MoM in MoMA, a New York Dream Come True!

There are so many things to do in New York City it is mind boggling. I was there for more than a week on my visit, and there were too many things left undone. Just another reason to go back!

One stop that I had to make during this visit — the Museum of Modern Art. There were two reasons for this:

#1 Starry Night. I love me some van Gogh!

#2 Tim Burton special exhibit. Yes, please!

I have to share that seeing Starry Night up close was surreal. Here is a painting I have seen reproductions of every where my entire life, and the original was in front of me. Now I have met celebrities before. I have sat next to Adam Sandler back in my early 20s interviewing him for the college newspaper I edited, but nothing has caused me to be star struck like this. I took it in, I examined it. It was AMAZING. Seriously, one of the most satisfying museum moments I had ever had. And if you have never been to NYC, or never plan to, or don’t think you will ever see Starry Night up close for yourself, well then, I am going to share it with you here. Not that you have never seen it before. Just that I got really close up so you can see the paint lines. You can almost feel the paint. So here it is:



Was that as satisfying for you as it was for me? I hope so. That MoMent for me was a check on my bucket list.

Now modern art might not be your bag. God knows there were plenty of moments I was like, huh? Like the room that had one measuring tape extended out on each wall. That was it. A horizontal measurements of each wall. OK. Moving on. Then there are the pieces that make you think, boy, I could be a famous artist too! Like this one:


Then, well then, there is Warhol. And why only have one can of soup, when you can have Campbell’s entire flavor spectrum? You thought there was only tomato, right? Ummmm, nope!


Unfortunately, I can’t share with you the genius that is Tim Burton. Let’s face it, Tim Burton rocks. There were so many things to explore and digest in the Tim Burton exhibit, it made me do an inner squeeeee with delight. (Think of the pig on the Geico commercial as he is zip lining with a pinwheel.)

I went ahead and grabbed the photo of the entrance from MoMA stock, so this is not my photo:


Can you just imagine the delights beyond that entrance? Yes! I had a Golden Ticket! From early works, to something from every movie, including costumes from Edward Scissorhands and Batman, sculptures, drawings, and whimsical fantasticness! Hear that squeeeeee again?

MoMA played this MoMent perfectly of course, upon exiting the exhibit you dump right out into a pop-up shop complete with all kinds of goods, and I couldn’t resist. Had to pick up a few things. You know…. research….

I had a goody bag and I was getting pretty hungry, so I decided to visit the Cafe 2. I have found that food is pretty much art in art museums (the Louvre was an exception to this), so of course I snapped a pic of my lunch:


If you are planning to go to NYC and want to visit MoMA, which has an unbelievably amazing store as well, then check out what exhibits you might be able to catch while you are there.

Follow me for more of my travels and experiences in New York City and beyond!


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