Things That ROCK in New York City

This post is going to Rock your world! Well, maybe not, but if you love New York City or just want a glimpse at a day exploring in one small area, I will give you a small peek at Radio City Music Hall, some trivia about the Rockettes and some of their amazing costumes, a quick look from The Top of the Rock, and then we will check out big rock sparkles compliments of Swarovski.

Are you ready?


During the day I got to tour Radio City Music Hall, this piece of New York history is an art deco building. I love art deco architecture! Below is a brass sign detail (classic!) and an amazing medallion art piece that is on the outside of the building.

Inside the building you find the grandiose, from the stage framing to the lobby, it is just exquisite.

During the tour you get to go to the private upstairs apartment of theatre impresario Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel, you see the history of the Rockettes through fashion and you even get to meet a Rockette. (You also learn their secret to forming a perfectly horizontal kick line which I will tell you at the bottom of the blog… keep reading!)

There is a long history of Swarovski bedazzling Rockette’s outfits. I can’t even fathom how high the number of crystals embedded into costumes through the years actually is, but I would guess in the millions. A bit of trivia: The highest crystal count for one costume was 3,000! Considering that each one must be hand placed, the costumes must have taken designers hundreds of hours and weighed a ton. On this particular holiday tour, our visiting Rockette was Jennifer and she was adorned in her holiday costume complete with, you guessed it, Swarovski crystals! Isn’t the costume gorgeous, and so is Jennifer!


After the tour of Radio City Music Hall, I strolled Rockefeller Center. I went to NBC studios where I got to see the SNL stage, be an audience member for a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and then I walked by the Today Show headquarters. I sipped a latte in the News Cafe and as the sun started to set I made my way to The Top of the Rock.


I chose to see the view from The Top of the Rock at night, because I went to the Empire States Building during the day and I wanted a high view of the city in contrast. Of course, in true Rockefeller style, there are a couple giant Swarovski pieces on the top floor just glistening with radiance to solidify the brilliant relationship between these two NYC staples.

During the day as I wandered the Plaza, I took a picture of the large Swarovski ornament adorning it too.


I also dropped my money in the Swarovski pop-up shop to pick up the annual edition ornament which has a prize spot in my heart next to my piece of the Times Square Millennium Ball. All-in-all my day was fabulous! I saw a lot, learned a lot, and if I didn’t buy that ornament my day would have cost me about $20. All my admissions were part of my previously purchased New York Pass.

I should really start keeping track of how little my travel endeavors actually do cost me. This particular trip to NYC from Oregon, which was a week long, cost me around $900 including my airfare and impulse buys. But I crashed with friends, so I removed the largest chunk of most trips — the lodging.

Keep following me on my travels!

Now for the secret to the perfectly horizontal kick line — Rockettes must be between 5′ 6″ and 5′ 10 and 1/2″ in height, they position the dancers so that the tallest women are in the middle and in descending order to the shortest women at the end of the line in both directions. This gives the illusion that the line is all the same!



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