UnBELIEVEable Macy’s in NYC

I was born a Macy’s shopper. I really don’t remember my first Macy’s experience, but I don’t remember ever NOT shopping at Macy’s. My very first credit card was a red Macy’s card when I was 16. I even worked at Macy’s part-time in college.

And who doesn’t remember watching Miracle on 34th Street during the holidays? Or how about the tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

So it goes without saying that I had to visit Macy’s flagship store — Macy’s Herald Square— when I visited New York City.


If you have been reading this blog, you know by now that I am NOT a photographer. There are probably better shots out there of this historic store, but hey, this is my story so you get my askew illustrations too.

Like this plaque embedded in the sidewalk out front of the store, which declares that the building was Founded in 1858 and pioneered the retail trade in the area. Macy’s Herald Square is lauded by critics as one of the architectural jewels of turn-of-the-century New York.


Since the store was decked out in its holiday finest, I gawked at the elaborately decorated store windows.


And then I went inside.

There is a certain something about entering a big Macy’s store. Especially at the holidays. The hustle and bustle, especially if you enter anywhere close to the cosmetics and fragrance departments, which they usually situate near every main entrance to accost the senses upon arrival. Once you make it past that department things can settle down, well unless you go to the women’s shoe department, but I did my best to navigate around craziness and take in the details of the building. I wasn’t there to shop. I was there to investigate.

My heart delighted in the buildings details, and of course the details installed just for this season. Like the Believe Meter:


Believe has been Macy’s holiday slogan since 2008, and it is written in lights outside the store (you can see it in the first photo.) You can see it as a statement every direction you turn it seems, but I am not complaining.


While visiting the store you can write Santa a letter and post it to him free of charge at the in-store mail box with a direct express connection to the big guy in the red suit.

Mr. Macy would have been disappointed to know that I escaped without purchasing a thing, but I didn’t leave without an impression. If you find yourself in New York City at the holidays, do yourself a favor and check out this historic retail giant and don’t stop believing!

I have a couple more holiday in New York City experiences to share and then I will be moving on to my next destination. Please follow me on my journey!



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