Empire States Building’s City View Doesn’t Disappoint

enhance-33If you have read my “Things that ROCK in New York City”  post, you know that I am a fan of art deco architecture. Well the Empire State Building did not fail to disappoint in architecture, or views.

It’s art deco detailing was magnificent. Like this dedication plaque inlayed in the marble walls:

0300009580184719904737021419105If you aren’t a fan of art deco, then you probably won’t love this next shot either, but then I will move on to the top of the building.

I walk with my head up. I believe in taking in the sites and smiling at people as you walk by. I keep my head up on public transportation too. I sit in my seat and look at all the people. Every once in a while you can catch the eye of someone doing the same thing. Smile. They usually smile back. Ah, humanity. Well, the bustle is real in NYC and New Yorkers are used to being shuffled about. It is not novelty, it is part of the every day. So rarely did I see a New Yorker looking up, or ogling their fellow commuters. Most of the time they had their heads down while walking the streets. Granted, it was winter while I visited and sometimes my eyes stung from the cold as I strolled the streets, but I think there is so much to see when you look up. I make this a habit in buildings too. That is why I was delighted in the ceilings of the ESB. Art deco all around!


On this particular day in NYC I was lucky enough to be traveling with one of the best traveling partners a girl could have! My BFF, my sister from another mister, my Tinatinabobina! Tina and I have been besties since the day we met. There was really never a question of our friendship from that first moment. When she tells the story of how we met, well, I sound like a valley girl, and probably rightly so. It was actually in college, after I had been interviewed for the Los Angeles Times, that I had read what I said and finally modified my verbiage, “I was like…” ummm, no. Anyway, it just baffles me to think that the day I met her was almost 30 years ago. Gulp! But on this particular day we shared a moment at the top of the Empire State Building, on the opposite side of the United States from where we resided, in December, in the sunshine, and the time was right to take a besties selfie!

enhance-35Yeah, we are fab like that.

Not to deter from the view of the city that was to be had at the top of the ESB, but I know you won’t see a picture like the one I just shared on the website!

So here it is, the view from the top!

The other picture I am sharing is the only view I got of the Statue of Liberty. Now, while this is disappointing, it is also exciting as it is on my list of top priorities to see the next time I travel to New York.


Can you see her? Probably not. But this photo captures the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I wish I had good photo editing software, but I don’t think I have any on this computer, I would make a circle around her for you.

As I have said in my other blogs of my NYC journey, I bought the New York Pass so this trip was included in my “package.” For so many reasons, the ESB needs to be on your list of things to do. If you are a fan of the cinema, no doubt you can name at least five movies that have featured this famous building. Now, go!

Here are the first five that come to my mind:

  1. Sleepless in Seattle
  2. An Affair to Remember
  3. King Kong
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. Elf

In the comments, tell me a movie that I missed!

Follow me on the rest of my NYC journey and beyond as I Dare. Dream. Do!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Tinatinabobina says:

    Now I made it big time! I’m in a blog post. And yes you sounded like a beach valley girl and I cannot believe it was 30 years go. And you still have not run screaming. 😉

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