Eiffel Tower Still Spectacular on a Cloudy Day



When the alarm goes off on day three in Paris, Ron and I roll over and look at each other and give permission to hit snooze. Maybe we hit it more than once.

We meandered down the street and hit up a boulangerie. Croissants and baguette are pretty much a daily staple for Ron while in Paris. I love pain au chocolate, or an almond croissant with my coffee in the morning. And speaking of coffee, I have mastered the French press. Our apartment comes with a small French press and the first time I used it (on the last visit) I was wondering what all the hubbub was about. Then I reached out to my niece, who was a Starbucks barista for a very long time and she gave me some tips. The very next morning I savored my coffee.

We had to wait until 9 a.m. to pick out some fruit at the local market. I got chastised for touching the cerise (cherries) and I put them in the wrong bag to boot. The produce man dumped out my cherries, took a scoop and put them in the correct bag. Then he neatly folded the top of the bag and handed it to me. All better. According to my friend, historically your relationship with your grocers equated what kind of fruit, meat, etc. you received. You used to not touch fruit and vegetables at the produce stand. You would ask for what you wanted and they would pick it out for you. Could you imagine not being able to knock on your watermelon, or give the butt of your cantaloupe a good squeeze? Well, the produce men knew the secret to the best selections and if they liked you, that is what you got. If they didn’t like you, well, you basically were WINCO’d.

It was Sunday in Paris and we started the day out lazily. It was fabulous. I had purchased tickets for the elevator ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower for 1:30 p.m. so we didn’t feel in a hurry. We went back to the apartment and made breakfast, savored our croissants and then made our way to the Eiffel Tower.


Even on a cloudy day the Eiffel Tower is something to behold. The architecture, the vision, the spectacle – no wonder millions people are enchanted by it, and still today after  130 years people are drawn to it. Who knows how many TRILLIONS of little made in China ET chotchkis have been sold over the years, just thinking about that boggles my mind. I mean, how many do you think have really been sold?

Again, I am going to confess here, I am not the photographer in this duo. Ron has an amazing eye and he is extremely patient when taking photos. I am a grab and go kind of gal. I don’t even have to stop really. However, he sometimes he takes a little too long when taking pictures and then I end up like this:

Waiting for Ron to take photos can sometimes be like…..zzzzzz.

And by the way, he did tell me that he wasn’t going to be taking photos on this trip, and the last time I checked I think his phone had more than 1,000 pictures on it. Can’t wait to “organize” those! 😉

I am sure Ron has some amazing shots of this particular day and I hope we get the chance to share of them with you.

When we were at the top of the Eiffel Tower we spied the French Statue of Liberty. Of course it was the size of an ant, but it was there, so we decided to walk to it. I think it was a good plan for our afternoon, because we got to see a wedding shoot on the Bir-Hirkeim bridge. (Little did I know that this was an everyday occurrence. By the end of our trip I think I had witnessed at least five bridal shoots with the Eiffel Tower in the background. So much for original! The odd thing was that in every instance the bride was Asian. So as I wrote that sentence I decided to Google Asian wedding photos in Paris  and found out that it is definitely a thing. I had no idea it was thing until now, I swear!)


While we progressed on our way to the Statue of Liberty, I saw a perfect cut out on another bridge (spoiler alert: there are a lot of bridges in Paris and this blog might have a picture of a few of them before we are done with this Paris trip.) I asked Ron to do his best statue impression so I could take his photo and then I had him take mine. If Michelangelo was there I am sure he would have kissed his fingers and asked, no, begged us to pose for him!

We finally made it to the Statue. Since I never made my way to the Statue of Liberty on my trip to NYC, I was really glad to be able to see this one up close and personal. It was a gift to France from the US three years after the French bestowed the original Lady Liberty on us. To read more about it, click here.


Ron and I snapped all kinds of pictures of her, but what really caught my attention was at the base of the statue.


Four teenage boys. They reminded me so much of my Jack, especially the one on the right. This was a mom moment, when you are reminded of your kids  back at home and wonder what they are up to. When you reflect on them being little, and then realize the trauma they are inflicting on you now that they are teens. Yeah, it was a fleeting moment, but I really love this snapshot of teenage life in Paris. I am just thankful they weren’t smoking weed, because someone was on the other side of the bridge in this picture and that smell reminded me of Oregon.

We decided to walk back the way we came.


And when we got back to the Bir-Harkeim we made our way to a brasserie so we could sit and have a drink. Ron chose a beer, I went for COFFEE!


I am not flooding this recap with a bunch of pictures of the tower because you know what it looks like and artistic photographers can capture it much better than I can. But I can tell you the structure is incredible, and they have catered to the tourists that visit and the romance it embraces by adding “Place to Kiss” signage on the platforms. Ron and I usually don’t have to be prompted for that kind of stuff, but we used it as an opportunity! In the photo I set as the “featured image” for this entry, the center photo is another “Place to Kiss” signage sprayed on the floor of the second platform.


This great day wrapped up with a visit to a Burger and Fries joint. Yeah, seriously. It was actually pretty good. I am going to spare you the gratuitous photos of us eating dinner though.

Tomorrow we explore Monet’s gardens in Giverny. Please follow the casual tourists blog and witness some of our travel shenanigans. Until then…



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