Celebrating Four Years and Trying to Find That Dang Wedding Website!

Today I was sharing the story of how Ron and I met. Then I started tripping down memory lane. Well, that led to me trying to find the website we set up for our wedding. The search took way longer than it should have. When I finally found it, I was like, “Yes! That was the name of it.”

I went to the “Our Story” tab and I read the words I wrote five years ago. I am so thankful I went looking for them today. If I had to go back and write “Our Story” again, I don’t think I would change anything.

And I want to put it in this blog, because this is ongoing, and hopefully not as easily forgotten as the wedding website was.

So here goes:

First and foremost, you are at this site because we love you. Love is unconditional and we know you love us back. So our story is true and honest and will start at the beginning because our foundation of love starts at the beginning and that is what we want to share.

Our story begins in November 2006. Stacy and Ron were both married to other people, and that is sometimes how life rolls — difficult and stormy, and our lives were rocky at best. When we met each other at the McMenamin’s Rooftop Bar after an anonymous interaction via email, we shook each others hands and had a drink as we chatted about some of life’s trials and tribulations, and what brought us there that night.

 For a month we sent each other emails, second-guessing our connection, deciding it was best to not communicate further and then finally deciding that we wanted to continue our conversations with each other because it was what we were missing in our lives — attention, conversation and understanding.

We saw each other from time to time, had dinner, had drinks, discussed parenthood, relationships and how life is just plain weird, sometimes cruel, highly unusual and most importantly of all — imperfect. As the seasons came and went our lives were just getting more complicated and decisions that affected us both were made. We both decided to leave our marriages, not because of each other, but because we realized that we were both unhappy in our situations and things were not going to change. We remained confidants — listening to the trials and tribulations of divorce, hearing the pain and anguish in each others voices, understanding the mourning and loss, the pain of heartbreak, and the terror of having to focus on ourselves to heal and become whole and better people for our kids. We were able to provide a shoulder to cry on and wipe each others tears.

Then the rainstorms stopped. The dark clouds passed. The tides became even and steady and the sun shined. We walked down crowded streets holding hands, smiling, and even skipping a time or two. Everything was going to be all right.

We shared a lot. Got to know each others kids. Celebrated together. Laughed.

Life stands still for no man. Time marched on. The seasons kept going by. Our connection deepened and the question was no longer about love, but about our future with each other.

On June 16th at a celebration barbecue Ron proposed to Stacy and she said, “Yes!” with tears in her eyes which in turn brought tears to his.

And after 6 and a half years of stories, sobs and smiles, Ron and Stacy’s life will begin together on July 6, 2013.

 Their story is just beginning and the rest is just unwritten.


And this is why I like to write the stories on this blog. So I can remember them. So I can reflect. Writing is not so much for others as it is for me. A digital diary of my life, my journey, my thoughts. Easily accessible from anywhere in this day and age — from a laptop, my phone, a work computer, my home. It is easily shared too — our family and friends can see it when it is convenient for them. Of course people we don’t know, probably will never meet, can see it too. I don’t know if that is the beauty of this whole thing or a curse. For today, this is what I want to share.

Now I know I am way behind on finishing up our Paris trip, and I do promise I will get to it. I also have a great weekend in New York that I took in June that I want to share — especially the show “Kinky Boots” and amazing pickles I got to nosh on, and last weekend’s trip to Pendleton that allowed Ron and I to get rained on as we slept in a tipi!

Until then.


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