Total Eclipse Paints the Sky and Leaves Its Mark on my Artsy Esthetic Soul

I have been quiet for quite a while. I have been busy. You know. With life. Working, breathing, sleeping, and day dreaming. An awful lot of day dreaming.

One thing I really wish I had shared was how much I had been working on programming for the total eclipse that came and went on August 21, 2017. For me, it was an event that I planned and prepared for the previous 18 months, and it was spectacularly exhausting and amazingly brilliant.

First, it was three days of programming at the Oregon State Capitol. Legislative leadership gave the OK early on for us to be open for the entire weekend preceding the eclipse, so we hosted events on Saturday, Sunday and of course, the Monday of the big event.

People turned up. In droves. Saturday we had a orchestral concert, Sunday we hosted an OMSI speaker and Monday we had an astronomer on the front steps narrating the eclipse while the United State Postal Service was inside the building postmarking all sorts of things with their one-day only specialty Arc of Totality postmark for Salem.

It truly was an out-of-this-world experience and I am so glad I played the part I did in it.

About a week or so before the big day I started to paint my versions of the eclipse. They were small, 3×3 inches, and I bought little wooden easels to display them on. I put them in a store and within 10 minutes I had made my first sale. In all, I ended up selling 22 of my mini eclipses. I would imagine I could have sold more, if I had been ahead of the game and had started painting earlier. I am sharing all the ones I have sold (I didn’t take pictures of them all unfortunately.)

After the eclipse I was inspired by my experience so I tried my hand at a 16×20″ eclipse painting.

The Flash Small

I love it. Totally love it! I ended up promising to send it to Las Vegas, so I had a print shop scan it in so I can remember that I did something like that! I will be making a giclee print of it at some point. If you love it, then I can have it printed for you too.

I also decided to paint a few more 3x3s. These are for sale. I think I am going to put them on ETSY or something when I have enough time AND energy to do it. For now, I am sharing them here with you, hope you like them.


I also want to share a very personal moment. I wasn’t anticipating being on the front steps of the Capitol for 2 and half hours from first contact until the very end of the eclipse, but it is where I found myself when the large crowds in the Capitol Mall complained that they could not hear the astronomer on the sound system. So I put the mic on and did the narration myself. My husband was in the mall all morning, and just before totality he came over to the steps. When it went dark and the oohs and ahs could be heard on the mall, I turned around and he was there to give me a big kiss. I was crying. The moment was beautiful. Totality, my husband being there for me, all of it. Anyway, want to write this down so I don’t forget how lucky I am.


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